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And then we are going to have togo board our trip. Very well, I'd like to look in the issues men. Restoring questions trigger I have seven minutes to get rid of here before, uh, before the market opens. I do want to see at which in fact the current market opens today. Hey, excellent moment to reveal on encircle. Able. An additional time. Come back into Vegas in two weeks.

Uh, carnival dinners, pin ball tournaments. Uh, take a look just as good. Uh, fiscal summit, Dominican Republic, April 19th into 25, Ali, November you to 7, also understanding Bit-coin. Might 28 31 all appropriate. I will return straight back for your stay chat here, as was on mind questions. Very good. You look at a-j G-I really could, but I want to wait around for seven moments.

Proper. Um, I guess I will look at any particular one. What was it again? A J G never ever been aware about it. No thought of the company that is aj G Gallagher. No idea what to do. Oh, nice chart. Well, this is it, correct? Thus following is a little bit of the struggle.

Huh? I question why we failed to get yourself a number on the market. Fascinating. Why not we get yourself a couple there? Ah, I put some slack up when they are identical. There it is. Oh, enjoyable. Very interesting. So this really is one of those infrequent scenarios. Therefore, If You're using traditional, uh, Tom demark and Decatur, here's the nutritional Tom demark index that you would really have a

9 coming from today, but if you are using the design vase edition of the indicator, by default option, you had a 9 . Thus it really depends which one you prefer. Either waythis is a topping position in a nine however, this isn't the sort of the blueprint. You notice that to me personally is that. It's more of the ascending triangle moving on like this.

Maybe not the best of climbing triangles could draw, cause I've a magnet , but you have the idea. This may be the kind of shape. This makes me assume it really is going to go higher, however I'm not likely to ignore the two either. So I would really watch for this advantage to go previously just like one Oh six or before I get interested in it.

Again, the graph is bullish, however, the sequential letting you know are upside, however I trust that the graph a little more compared to successive, so I'd be cautious . And I'm going to be looking to take my profit. Wow. Whoever held the stock for your past couple of years did exceptionally well. This is just a great upswing here.

I question whether or not it is a hyper war position going on. Ooh. This is really a hyper wave situation going on. See, here's your phase one is this can be your own face also. This is and this really is probably phase three. Uhthis item may move considerably high, which may have just started, this could be the launch of the stage four.